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Triple Play Batting Cages

Travel and Showcase Baseball

Triple Play Batting Cages was opened in 2009 and started it travel baseball program in 2010.  The program includes benefits such as guaranteed minimum playing time, a large number of games and practices, quality gear from All-Star Sporting Goods (a sponsor), expert instruction in pitching, fielding and batting, and provides all of this in an encouraging team-oriented atmosphere which focuses on sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun that is competitive baseball.  We also encourage players not only to join our program but to participate in their local town programs.


Our Travel program is designed to focus on all aspects of the game with an emphasis on fundamentals and team play.  We use a cohesive program designed by Nashoba Regional High School Varsity Baseball Coach Chuck Schoolcraft which teaches players the skills needed to compete at the high level of play.  These teams compete in New England Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) which is a highly competitive travel league for player elementary, middle school age players.  Players continue to build upon skills with each level with the emphasis on training and preparing them for High School level play and beyond.   Learn more about our Travel teams.

Note: Playing time during Division Games, and for Non-Division Games playing time will average 3 innings per game over the course of the season.


The Showcase program follows the same cohesive program designed by Nashoba Regional High School Varsity Baseball Coach Chuck Schoolcraft as our Travel program.  The difference between our Showcase baseball team and our Travel baseball teams is the level of exposure, required travel and competition of baseball.  At this level the mission for these teams is to give players the best opportunity display their skills in front of top college programs and scouts and provide them the opportunity to play college level baseball and beyond.

We also want to give our players as much exposure as possible while competing in the top tournaments in the area. The Showcase team will play in six major tournaments and five doubleheaders where top college and professional scouts attend.  Learn more about our Showcase team.

Note: There is no guaranteed playing time for this age group.